The secret

Read more about the secret, the values ​​of ANNA Dutch and the know-how involved in the production of the best caviar.

The secret of the best caviar

And all because she loves caviar.

A new era has dawned for exceptional caviar from ANNA Dutch – the most exclusive and innovative in the world today. It is produced in a completely controlled environment by a team of specialists who are driven by tradition and innovation and who accept nothing less than perfection.

The fact that the caviar’s manufacturing and production is held in such high esteem, and has such an excellent reputation among connoisseurs, is due not only to the perfection of its products but also to the accumulated in-depth know-how and extraordinary talent of its masters. Its undisputed trail-blazing role is also a result of three company values that were formulated during its founding days. These values have allowed the Dutch enterprise to forge its own future and set itself apart from its competitors : Tradition. Innovation. Quality.